How do we follow the money?

In October 2009, all recipients of Recovery Act funds, whether they be state or local governments, or non-profit or community groups, filed their first reports on how they have used those funds.

What is “reporting”?

Section 1512 of the Recovery Act says that within 10 days after the end of each calendar quarter, recipients of Recovery funds must submit reports on the use of those funds. The content of the reports is dictated by the Act, and includes details on project status and jobs created.

Who reports?

  • Prime recipients from organizations such as state agencies that receive Recovery Act awards.

  • Sub-recipients from organizations that receive Recovery Act awards from prime recipients and who have been delegated to report on Recovery Act projects by the prime recipient.

What period of time is covered during the reporting period?

The first reporting period starts at the date in which recovery funds were awarded and includes data through Sept. 30, 2009. Future reporting periods will include cumulative data. All awards issued after Sept. 30, 2009, will be reported during the next reporting period.

What is is the central federal government-wide data collection system for federal agencies and recipients of federal awards under Section 1512 of the Recovery Act. Recipients will use to submit their reports.

Where can I find up-to-date information about recovery projects in my neighborhood?

Visit and to see where recovery money is going in Washington state.

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