# of Jobs created/saved in Washington state between 01/01/2012 and 03/31/2012:


As reported on recovery.gov

Amount of grants, contracts, and loans awarded to Washington:

Over $8.4 billion

As reported on recovery.gov

Follow the Money

The map below shows grant, contract, and loan data reported by Washington state entities to the federal government for the quarter ending March 31, 2012. Common questions are listed below the map.

Map of Recovery dollars by county.

*It may take time for the map to show up on your browser due to the amount of information in the map and the speed at which you are connected to the Internet.

Common questions

Why do highway projects show zero jobs created? Many local projects receive project funding through the Washington State Department of Transportation. In these cases, the amount of funding for the project is reflected at the local project level. However, the number of jobs associated with the project is reflected through DOT.

Is this real-time data? The data on this map reflects reports made on Recovery funding through March 31, 2012.

How do you show one funding award that goes to more than one county? Where funding is allocated for more than one county, such as aid to school districts and some highway projects, we allocate it to the primary county as defined by federal agencies, or split the funding equally over counties where the work will be performed.

Why do the contracts for local government and private projects show no money spent when the project is complete? Contracts are reported differently to the federal government. Instead of reporting amount spent, recipients report the amount received. More complete data for local government and private companies is available from the federal site, www.recovery.gov.

What information is on our map

State Grants. Grants that have been awarded to Washington state agencies. Most of these grants are competitive, although some of the awards represent funding that is distributed based on a formula. State agencies are responsible for this data, which is why a greater level of detail is available for this funding than for funds given directly to local governments, non-profits or businesses.

Local Grants. Grants that have been awarded to local and tribal governments, non-profits, and private sector businesses. Loans given locally are also reflected in the map.

Contracts. Contracts that the federal government has entered into directly with companies. The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is the largest recipient of funds, with billions in Recovery dollars going toward critical environmental clean-up.

Important Note: The local grants, contracts, and loans are outside the control of Washington state government. However, in an effort to make the map of Washington funding as complete as possible, this non-state agency data has been added to the map. This information was obtained from www.recovery.gov after its release on March 31, 2012.

For more information about the symbols and policy areas used on our map, click here.

What information is not on our map

Funding that is applied across the state is not shown on the map.

Assistance for individuals, such as unemployment insurance, and tax benefits are not reflected on the map.

Reporting timelines

The Recovery Act created reporting requirements for recipients of funding in order to measure progress. The next set of reports will be submitted in June 2012.

Date Description
1st –10th Reports are submitted by organizations that have received Recovery Act contracts, grants, or loans directly from a federal agency.
11th –20th State agencies perform quality review of reports submitted.
21st –29th Federal government reviews reports submitted.
30th Grant, contract and loan data is finalized and made available on recovery.gov.