How to get an endorsement letter from Gov. Gregoire

Gov. Gregoire is committed to helping public, private and non-profit organizations in Washington state compete for federal discretionary funding under the terms of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

To obtain the Governor’s endorsement, federal grant applicants should complete the following steps at least 7 working days before the deadline for submission to the federal government. The package must include the following:

I. Submit a written request for the Governor’s endorsement to the state agency affiliated with the funding stream for which you are applying.

The request should come in the form of a memo from the chief executive officer of the organization which is submitting the grant application.  The memo should:

  • Describe the federal funding program and the grant opportunity;

  • Summarize the grant proposal in non-technical language, including a description of the work to be conducted, the total project cost and the amount of Recovery Act funds being requested;

  • Identify the section of the Recovery Act that authorizes the funding;

  • Identify the specific guidance document(s) from the federal agency that is distributing the funds, including any reference to letters of support;

  • Describe how the competitive grant aligns with the Governor’s priorities for economic recovery (if applicable) and overall benefits to the state;

  • Provide a draft letter of recommendation for the Governor’s signature;

  • Provide name and contact information for staff person who will pick up completed documents from Governor’s Office and receive e-mail containing the PDF document; and

  • Provide any other information that would help the Governor evaluate the proposal.

II. Draft letter for Governor’s signature

Letters must include:

  • Brief description or summary of the project[s] being certified by the Governor;

  • Language from the Recovery Act detailing what action is required by the Governor;

  • Reference to the section of the Recovery Act and the federal agency guidance document requiring certification or assurance; and

  • Language that the Governor has received needed certifications or assurances from her executive agency and/or other required organizations.

III. Background materials

These materials, in Word or Excel format, should also be included with your package:

  • Copy of the Recovery Act section with the requirement for certification or assurance, for example: Section 1511 for infrastructure project certifications or Section 1607 to certify that the state will accept funds and use them appropriately;

  • Copy of relevant section of federal agency guidance document(s) with requirement for the Governor’s action; and

  • Attach detailed project description[s].

Contact Information

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