Want to review a performance report?

There are several ways to view reports:

Performance and results

The Recovery Act calls for unparalleled levels of transparency and accountability so taxpayers know how, when, and where their tax dollars are spent.  State agencies understand the importance of spending these dollars responsibly, and in a way that leads to positive results for the citizens of our state.

What do we measure?

The Governor uses the award-winning GMAP process to focus on Recovery Act-funded programs and projects implemented by state agencies.  At this time, agencies are reporting on performance measures including:

  • Recovery Act jobs, employment programs and unemployment benefits (numbers and dollars).

  • Transportation projects—highway, local, transit (the number and status of projects including cost and time till completion).

  • Other Infrastructure projects—water quality, streets and sidewalks (descriptions and project status).

  • Click here to view more detail about the measures.