Does your state agency need the Governor's certification for a project?

Section 1511 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requires that infrastructure projects receive the governor’s certification before they can receive funding. Washington state is working with federal authorities to ensure this certification process is followed for the appropriate use of funds.

What are certifications and assurances?

Infrastructure project “certifications” enable the governor to confirm to the federal government that specific construction projects ― roads, water systems and others ― have received the review required by law and represent an appropriate investment of taxpayer dollars.

“Assurances” are documents through which the governor notifies the federal government that specific actions will be taken or policies adopted in order for the state to become eligible to receive certain program funding.

Does my agency’s infrastructure project require certification?

Section 1511 of the ARRA requires governors to formally certify that all infrastructure projects have been fully vetted and reviewed as required by law, and that they represent appropriate investments of taxpayer dollars. To determine if projects funded through your agency require certification, consult the guidance provided by the federal agency that is administering the funding program.

The links below describe the certification and assurance process and specific requirements to provide the governor with the information she needs to certify the project as well as to estimate the number of jobs it will create.

Does the form cover all projects or does each project require a separate form?

Each project requires a separate form. The form requires agencies to provide project descriptions, data used for job projections and contact information for individual projects.

How do I access this form?

For access to the online form, email

Do I need the governor to provide assurances to become eligible for program funds?

As soon as you learn that an assurance communication is required, email

Whom do I call with questions?

  • For questions on project certifications or assurances, and overall Recovery Act accountability, email

  • For instructions on how to use the online form, contact Kris Rietmann, 360-902-0401.

  • For questions about the website, contact Ralph Thomas, 360-902-7607.